John Wayne’s Dead Colon

I went to a lot of poetry readings while at AWP. I used those readings as an excuse to pay not attention to the readers (not including my beloved friends) and write my own poetry, or at least jot down some intriguing poem titles. I’m thinking of collecting them, and some others I’m working on, in a slim volume entitled “Why I Drink.” Some of the titles include:

  • Heart is a lonely brave new world hunter
  • Ambitious Fiction
  • The Easy Way to Stop Drinking
  • Lenora
  • Messages in landlocked bottles

Here’s one:

John Wayne’s Dead Colon*

I heard once
when I was young
that John Wayne had
over 40 lbs
of undigested meat
in his colon
at the time of his death.
I wonder what
those 40 pounds of meat
looked like.
Did they look like meat
or shit?

It’s early March,
no winter
I am John Wayne’s dead colon.

*Written while Vaughan brushed her teeth, 8:20am 3/5/12


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